Thursday, July 29, 2010

Live Our Dreams [A Girl's Hope]

This is story about a blind girl's hope...

Daughter: Mummy, what colour is the sky?

Mummy: It's blue, darling.

Daughter: Why is it bleu, mummy/

Mummy: well, it's colour of hope.

Daughter: What is hope?

Mummy: hope is not something you can see. it's something that you feel. it's what you wish for.

Daughter: oh, I get it. Like I wish I can run very fast? Like I wish I can jump very high?

Mummy: Maybe

Daughter: Like I wish I can swim like a fish?

Mummy: possible...

Daughter: Then, I wish tha nurul and I will share the same dream. So we can do everything together.

Mummy: So, darling what did you do in school today?

Daughter: We drew pictures of the YOG today. Mummy, do you know what is the YOG? Miss Juwita said that it is a very big sports day held in Singapore. The whole world would be watching us.

Mummy: So what did you draw?

Daughter: I draw many people in stadium.

Mummy: This is pretty. do you like it?

Daughter: yes, and Miss Juwita gave me an A. Mummy, i would like to go and see Youth Olympics Games...

Mummy: Sure? I will take you there. But, what do want to do there?

Daughter: Like you always teach me, I can't see but i can feel. I want to be there to feel all the hopes and dreams of everyone else...

Mummy: sure. I will take you there....

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